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Our podcast series represents fresh mixes and showcases by guest DJs and our artists. It also includes unreleased Digital Diamonds music.
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May 2024

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 49 by Decode Blue

Check our latest podcast by Decode Blue. Embark on a musical adventure, featuring an array of tracks from the diverse repertoire of Digital Diamonds, a collective renowned for their innovative approach to electronic music. In addition, you can enjoy a preview of his latest remix for Nicorus from the upcoming Yuna EP. Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of electronic sounds, offering a blend of genres and styles to suit every listener's taste.



April 2024

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 48 by Plateau Sigma

Dive into the captivating realm of electronic music with Plateau Sigma's podcast, brought to you by Digital Diamonds. Get ready to embark on an auditory journey like no other as we showcase tracks from the latest EP, "Feed it," by the exceptionally talented Plateau Sigma



February 2024

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 47 by One Million Toys

Embark on a sonic journey with One Million Toys' latest podcast, featuring tracks from his debut album and a remix for Harrison Downes. Experience fresh beats, innovative rhythms, and unique melodies that redefine electronic music. Tune in now for an electrifying experience!



November 2023

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 46 by Aerodroemme

Feel the electricity, ride the waves of sound, and join us in reshaping the future of live techno with Aerodromme.



May 2023

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 45 by Ohad Slavin

Ohad Slavin is a talented DJ and producer hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, and his mixes are known for his smooth grooves and infectious beats. In this episode of our podcast series, Ohad delivers a fresh selection of tracks that are sure to get your head nodding and your feet moving. This podcast is the perfect way to get your fix of smooth, soulful beats.



March 2023

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 44 by mexCalito

mexCalito is a young, authentic as well as talented artist/producer & DJ.
When he is not performing or travelling, he spends most of his time at the second home – the studio. His productions are being released by some of the world's best underground techno/minimal labels, such as: Digital Diamonds Records, Alpaka Muzik, Techgnosis Records Subios Records and Shadow Wulf Records, just to name a few.



January 2023

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 43 by Mar io

Mar io has been exploring the realms of electronic music since the 1990s, finding himself mostly in techno and house landscapes, including excursions into downtempo and ambient. His special emphasis lays on groove and atmosphere, and Mar io's style is subject to constant evolution. Even after many years, his learning process does not stand still and the goal is to get better with each new track, EP or album. Usually he produces with Cubase in combination with hardware synthesizers and drum machines. The important thing is not the latest software or the most expensive equipment, but the fun during the creation process. Most of the software plugins Mar io uses are freeware.



December 2022

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 42 by Alic

This is Alic's retrospective set consisting of the best tracks of all Digital Diamonds releases in 2022.



June 2022

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 41 by Dardi

May we introduce to you Dardi from Melbourne! This podcast is an appetizer of his upcoming Debut EP on Digital Diamonds.. have a listen and pay special attention to the title track!



April 2022

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 40 by Whaldez

The duo formed eight years ago in Sopron, Hungary and over the time the two started to produce and mix techno & progressive house music.
The ambitions for the project was and still is, to share their music, vibe and atmosphere with people from all around the world.
They are operating with modern progressive house embedded melodic techno elements, besides that they are also using trance effects and elements to give their tracks some run and drive. The sounds of nature itself, especially the forest like sounds, motivates and inspires them in producing and personal life, as well.



December 2021

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 39 by Alic

This is Alic's retrospective set consisting of the best tracks of all Digital Diamonds releases in 2021.



November 2021

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 38 by Stine Amundsen

Stine Amundsen is a techno girlboss from Oslo, Norway. She debuted as a DJ in 2014 and has become a familiar face in Norway's techno scene. Stine love being behind the decks which reflects the energy and drive in her sets. In this mix she focuses on deep progressive grooves using elements from psytechno, minimal and deep techno. The selection of tracks represents some of her favorite producers such as: Mr. Red, Dysmorph, Tom Baker (AUS), Luis M, Massive Moloko, Floating Machine and many more. Enjoy the musical journey!



September 2021

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 37 by Bernhardt & Hansen

Jonas Bernhardt and Morten Grunk Hansen are a DJ duo who have been playing together for about 3 years now. After they both have been playing as DJ’s at their own solo projects they finally found each other and made Bernhardt & Hansen playing Melodic Techno and Psytech on parties in Denmark. They released compilations for their own record label Jaira Records within a series called "Shadows in the Sun", which is beautiful melodic psy based Techno with some of the biggest names in that genre.



August 2021

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 36 by Children of MU

Children of MU is a DJ and producer from The Netherlands. Psychedelic music and synth lover. Playing records since ’96. Addicted by the Goa Trance sound from the early days. Children of MU loves to do things differently. Always looking for something different or new. For some better known by his Psychedelic Techno YouTube channel, promoting with his various PSY:TECH mixes.



27th May 2021

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 35 by DJ Basilisk

Basilisk is a veteran DJ, label owner, and music publisher from Canada now residing in Taiwan. Widely known for his tireless efforts to champion netlabel content through the Ektoplazm distribution portal, he also dedicates himself to mastery of the mixing arts. Here he turns his attention to the vast catalogue of gleaming gems released by Digital Diamonds, a pioneering label he has proudly supported since its inception in 2006. With his trademark use of smooth, harmonic transitions, DJ Basilisk employs 100% Digital Diamonds content to guide the listener on one possible journey into the many worlds of psychedelic techno.


15th April 2021

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 34 by KoneDawg

Konedawg was immediately drawn to the Digital Diamonds sound. The balance of groove, tight production and psychedelic elements have served to inspire his DJing and production alike. This set captures some of his favourite Digital Diamonds releases, both new and old, coupled with a blend of other invigorating tunes from like-minded artists and labels.


8th February 2021

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 33 by Stefan Vöst

Stefan Vöst currently lives in Augsburg, is resident there in the Kantine and has already made a name for himself with his “Dosenschall” series of events.
He also plays in hip clubs beyond the city limits such as the Südpol, Golden Gate, Suicide Circus, Fiese Remise, Birgit und Bier, Jonny Knüppel or in the Kit Kat, but remains true to his roots and is also an integral part of the " Hetten “- events and the team of the Green Sun Festival.


28th December 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 32 by Alic

Alic are the founders and operators of Digital Diamonds. For many years they have shaped the typical sound of this label with their special taste. At the end of the year they recorded a very personal mix of their favorite titles from 2020 as a podcast. Brilliantly selected pearls melt into pure psychedelic techno...


27th November 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 31 by Flow Dario

FLOW is the name who use Darío Fernandez for express himself using music frequencies. Fascinate by the rhythm in the music he start playing drums at age of 12 in different bands till 1999. In 2000 he moved to the mediterranean coast and there he discovered the big spectrum of electronic music and he started to mix different styles. In 2006 Flow started diving deep into the groove of the Techno.
Always in the search of sonorous pearls to put together in his sets and trying to capture the funky side of any style he plays to share with the crowd. A journey through different textures and soundscapes with a clean and refined mixing technique his sets are driving the dancefloor to a groovy and comfortable place to be and enjoy.


23rd September 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 30 by Decode Blue

Decode Blue is a music project to dwell into the deep mystic underground! It is the more melodic and warmer avatar of Arnold Misquitta aka Arnold from Mumbai.


15th August 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 29 by Diamandy

After more than a decade of producing minimalistic and progressive electronic music and performing around the world, Diamandy established himself as an artist with an ‘’outside of the box’’ approach. A spicy mix of cultures, music and sound education can clearly be noticed in Diamandy’s production.


10th July 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 28 by Adamson

Adamson lives music as a passion and transfers this state of mind into tracks as well as DJ sets. On stage, he is a performer knowing how to drive an audience, how to transfer desire not only in music, but also in actions and movement. A born performer. Today, Adamson is an explorer, in terms of music. Always interested in new sounds and techniques, he loves diving into the seas of possibilities, going deep to the ground to discover sounds that he knows to shape into diamonds when he emerges.


15th June 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 27 by Jedidiah

An avid raver at heart, Jed's vast experience amongst the rarest units, levitating to some of the wackest audio frequencies, on Australia’s finest dusty dance floors has established this rave monkey's twisted taste in underground dance music culture.

Jed's love for the psychedelic, chakra aligning, swank-tech is evident in each set this dude plays, whilst being versatile as ever through track selections within this niche soundscape.


18th May 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 26 by Flembaz

Flembaz are a Portuguese electronic music duo from Portugal composed of João Bandarra and Pedro Artur. Their primary focus is to release danceable electronic music with organic and progressive influences. With four full-length albums, eight EPs and numerous singles released, they stand as one of the most prolific electronic music duos around the scene.
The duo played music around Europe in festivals such as Boom Festival, Noisily, Samsara and Chillout Planet. They have released mostly under their label Blind Arc, but also in other respected labels of the genre such as Traum Schallplatten, Horns and Hoofs Entertainment, Techgnosis Records, Bonzai and Digital Diamonds.


7th April 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 25 by Tribal Evolution

Tribal Evolution takes a step forward with this new progressive techno podcast. From tracks of Digital Diamonds, he designed this unique, refined and powerful sound experience. Starting with a didgeridoo intro signed EEEMUS, let yourself be taken on this modern shamanic journey.


08th March 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 24 by Bartur

Bartur is light-jockey and disc-jockey from the legendary Livingroom "Club Charlotte" in Münster / Germany.

He started as a light jockey, tasked with making lasers and light combined with the groove, for the eyes of the crowd. It did not take him long to realize that he should bring himself into the game from the sound side of things. He quickly became one of Club Charlotte residents afterwards.
Since then he has been booked for festivals such as: Hai in the May, Crowd & Rüben and the Moyn Moyn festival, where he has played alongside great artists like: Joseph Disco, Andreas Henneberg, Khainz, Franca, Swinka, Peter Groskreutz and Josephine Wedekind.


24th January 2020

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 23 by Alic

The founders of Digital Diamonds and its podcast format, Alic, are now contributing their second edition.
After a strong intro with One Million Toys, the duo presents a series of extremely smooth-flowing techno tracks. Aleckat, Luca Agnelli and Taster Peter provide some stand-out productions with house-influenced funky grooves, such as "Hear This" by Carlo Lio.
The mix crescendos into Alic's second love, psychedelic sounds, and climaxes with the brand new and unreleased track "All Is Bright" by Alic themselves.
This podcast is a well-rounded summary of Alic's last 20 years of experience as a DJ duo.


9th November 2019

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 22 by Biop6

Biop6 discovered a passion for electronic music in 2002. He joined the members of the collective "Green Lemon" in 2011. Then he decided in 2019 to found with some friends the collective "Les Fines Herbes" (really more focused on Techno culture). It's with him that he will have the pleasure of performing under the name of Peppermint. He will unveil his musical culture through sets combining the psychedelic world with the underground side of Techno. Inspired by these different travels all around the world, he will bring a tribal and spiritual touch to each of his masterpieces. Offering to his audience a travel in to the depths of the Abyss.


20th August 2019

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 21 by Anyer Quantum

Anyer Quantum is a 30 year old DJ from Xalapa, México; Devotee of Underground Sounds, Intelligent Sequences, Soul Music and one of the most committed DJs working in his country. He is the winner of the Digital Diamonds mix contest in 2011.
Addicted to the cultural values of the vanguard shapes in Electronic Dance Music, Anyer is a completely integrated DJ, capable of mixing an amazing -WIDE- range of sounds, blending them together perfectly inside his unique sonic palette.
Always exploring new ideas, he is an extreme and passionate follower of hard to swallow artistic expressions.


26th July 2019

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 20 by Eeemus

Dive deep into the world of EEEMUS: an addictive, unique blend of driving progressive techno, with an aura and nature of the psychedelic realm. EEEMUS hails from Melbourne, Australia. Creating music for the better part of the last decade, this modern masterful producer has developed a worldwide following as a result of his intriguing and powerful take on techno. A perfected balance of heavy driving basslines and distinct darkness has led to a rapidfire of
track signings with major labels such as Digital Structures, JOOF Recordings, Iboga Records, Dear Deer Records as well as local labels Bassic Records and Recovery Collective.


24th April 2019

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 19 by MYDÄ

The Toronto based duo has been making waves throughout the prog-tech scene since their outset in early 2015. Not willing to stagnate, Amir & Mitchell are always finding ways to keep their sound fresh and not limited to any boundaries. The result is a unique brand of glitch-laden groove-heavy progressive techno, with just enough psychedelic attitude to win over any dancefloor. Their infectious sound has caught the attention of world-class labels like Iboga Records, Digital Structures, Techgnosis Records and Electric Power Pole Records.


13th March 2019

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 18 by Nuno Fonseca

His DJ carreer started back in 1996, when Techno began to inspire his performances. Habitue of Bairro Alto, where he has been acting for the past decade, being Techno, with a Minimal influence and a Psycadelic ambience, his favorite genre. During 2009 he worked with 2 Labels, DaTribe Records and Faceoff DJ when he performed in Opart. In 2010 and 2011 he started 2 labels, Woorpz and Woorp.tek records.
In 2017, he got a new project in Lisbon to promote and play at Eka Palace which ranked in top 5 clubs of Lisbon at Resident Advisor. Who listens to him can expect a nice and lively atmosphere embellished by the cheering mood of this artist.


15th January 2019

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 17 by Ken Zo

Fabrice created Ken Zo while studying in Melbourne Australia. Now based in Mauritius, Ken Zo is on the forefront of the Mauritian electronic scene. As a DJ he is known to be verstatile, catering for a wide spectrum of genres from deep house to full on psychedelic trance. He retains this versatility with his compositions and fuses the sub genres of techno & psychedelic to forge his own take of 'PsyTech'.

In 2017, he was awarded the Backstage Award for Best DJ.


8th November 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 16 by Aerodrömme

Aerodrömme (also spelled Aerodroemme, when an umlaut is not available) is a vibrant duo project based in Toronto, Canada. The act was created in 2008 by Boris "Shankar" Kurtzman and Steve "Nexus" Chan. Aerodrömme began as one of the most promising names in the Progressive Techno circuit. Over time, Boris and Steve have transformed their sound from a deeper progressive influence, to the more hypnotic/deep techno sound heard in their latest releases. They have an impressive discography, brandishing releases on labels such as JOOF Aura, Digital Structures, Slideways, Rheostatus, Frakture Audio, Baroque Records, Tribal Vision, Balkan Connection, Nuuktal, Oddsine, Techgnosis, TMM Records and Twisted Frequency.


23rd July 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 15 by Jossie Telch

Mexico City based producer Jossie Telch has been making noise in the global scene for 10 years now. His first release back in 2008, "Breaking Stereo" - Undergroove Music, reached the number 1 spot on Beatport's Psy charts. Since then, the project has continued evolving, improving and constantly refreshing itself. The result is a unique brand of fat groove heavy techno with just the right amount of psychedelia, making Jossie's music perfect for any dancefloor. His credits today include playing at Boom Festival (Portugal), Rainbow Serpent(Australia), Universo Paralello(Brazil), Noisily(UK), Global Eclipse(USA), Envision(Costa Rica), Tribal Gathering(Panama), Ometeotl (Mexico), Totem(Canada) just to name a few. As well as being part of top labels Iboga Rec, Digital Structures and Undergroove Music.


7th May 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 14 by Aaron Smiles

If it’s music’s prerogative to change with the times, Aaron is the master of djing. He’s inspired the masses, rewired a worldwide passion for dance music and set a new precedent for fan interaction along the way. Add a who’s who list of collaborators, remixes, global live credentials and a side line in professional Kung Fu and there is still no rarer breed of superstar DJ than Aaron Smiles.


26th March 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 13 by Code Therapy

Floating Machine and Crennwiick have come together to create what can only be described as an incredibly impressive live set as their first joint venture. As a team they have proven to complement eachother extraordinarily well. Their different musical backgrounds come together in perfect harmony.


2nd February 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 12 by Foggyswoggle

Foggyswoggle is a creature born out of the depths of psychedelic electronic music.  This bog-trottin’, swamp-walker crafts hypnotic grooves that will leave you in a trance, with bass that rumbles you from the ground up, and back again. Influenced as heavily by UK Bass/Dark UK styles, as by psychedelic styles, Foggyswoggle creates a very tasty blend that will make your mouth water.


8th January 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 11 by OmNebula

OmNebula is the co-founder and resident Dj of Twisted Frequencies, Alchemists and the founder of The Floating Dune, three teams covering a multitude of musical genres in Greece & the United Kingdom. With the experience of performing over 10 genres of music over the past 6 years at multiple venues & locations in both countries he has had the utmost pleasure of performing alongside some monumental artists such as, Aes Dana, Kaya Project, Kliment, Globular, Celt Islam, Quanta, Brujo's Bowl, Vlastur, Deep in Mind, Slackbaba, Symbolico and many many more..


11th November 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 10 by Alic

10 years, 10 podcasts... Here's the first recording by label founders Alic from our epic "Digital Decade" release party in Berlin! First part is the compilation mix, second part consists of (un)released Digital Diamonds goodies ;)
Cheers and thanks to our friends from Wanderzirkus, who helped us to drop this epic event!


21st October 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 09 by BRT

BRT is a DJ and producer based in Linz, Austria. He fell in love with Techno a few years ago. He is highly influenced by psychedelic trance, his old love. That's why he's playing magical, trippy and psychedelic techno sets as a member of the UNPACKBAR collective.

This set consists some of his favourite Digital Diamonds Tracks.


2nd September 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 08 by Hackie

This is Hackie from Mexico mixing delicius tunes for Digital Diamonds.

Hackie has become one of the most outstanding female talents of the underground electronic scene in Mexico. She has captivated audiences showing a strong personality and identity in her live performances. Her DJ sets are a smart blend of techno and psychedelia and span from progressive techno to psytech and psygressive trance. Lately she is focused on music production, studying side by side with the mexican master producer Jossie Telch. Definitely, she is an artist to keep an eye on.


8th July 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 07 by Kiki La Rochelle

Kiki La Rochelle from Tirana/Albania delivers a superb and exclusive Podcast for Digital Diamonds.

Kristi Gega also known as Kiki la Rochelle is an albanian DJane, daughter of a well known musician in her country. When working at the Albanian Academy of DJs in Tirana, she developed a deeper interest in electronic music and turntabletism. She has always been part of the underground local scene .


15th May 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 06 by Anders Svenson

A smooth, melodic and trippy selection done by Anders Svenson, part of Anautic and 4/4 Pakt collective.


22nd April 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 05 by Jay Eric

Outrun Resident & Techgnosis Records Label DJ. Jay Eric has been an America based psychedelic dance music curator since 1997. Originating in Arizona as a founder of Overmind Works ('01-present), he now calls Denver Colorado home. Jay Eric is widely known for his tasteful, tactful & 100% improvised arrangements navigating the vast realms of Psytech, Progressive Techno, Forest Prog/Zenon, Psychill, Space Disco & Retro/Synthwave.


19th March 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 04 by Guswell

The next Podcast is made by Guswell from Portugal. Check this nice selection with a lot of Digital Diamonds tracks inside.


12th February 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 03 by Spiral Hand

This is Podcast number three by Spiral Hand from Switzerland.


16th January 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 02 by Echnoid

Our 2nd edition of Digital Diamonds Podcast is here! Echnoid from Maldives! Spinning since 2013 she delivers an exclusive and versatile mix. Check it out!


27th November 2016

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 01 by Crennwiick

Our 1st edition of Digital Diamonds Podcast is here! CrennWiick from Lisbon, core labelmember and versatile artist presenting some of his tunes, enjoy!


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