Nicorus - Yuna EP

Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds105
Format: EP
Released: May 2024

Dive into the mesmerizing soundscape crafted by Nicorus, where every beat tells a story and every melody paints a picture. Featuring a diverse blend of genres, from the pulsating rhythms of Psychedelic Techno to the entrancing melodies of Hypnotic House and the mysterious allure of Dark Disco, "Yuna EP" invites you on a journey through sonic landscapes that transcend boundaries. Joining Nicorus on this musical odyssey are two talented remixers from India, Decode Blue and Sonic Jay, each adding their own unique twist to the tracks, elevating the experience to new heights. "Yuna EP" is more than just a collection of tracks - it's a testament to the power of music to evoke emotion, spark imagination, and unite souls on the dance floor.

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