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November 2017

Immortal Sun - Sun Worshiper EP

Debut EP by Immortal Sun on Digital Diamonds! After releasing on Techgnosis Records, Immortal Sun delivers 4 fresh, exciting and groovy tracks, with that pinch of psychedelic.

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September 2017

V.A. - Digital Decade

Digital Diamonds is proud to present 'Digital Decade', an ambitious release that celebrates the label's 10 years of activity in the underground scene and being run by Alic.

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11th November 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 10 by Alic

10 years, 10 podcasts... Here's the first recording by label founders Alic from our epic "Digital Decade" release party in Berlin! First part is the compilation mix, second part consists of (un)released Digital Diamonds goodies ;)
Cheers and thanks to our friends from Wanderzirkus, who helped us to drop this epic event!


21st October 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 09 by BRT

BRT is a DJ and producer based in Linz, Austria. He fell in love with Techno a few years ago. He is highly influenced by psychedelic trance, his old love. That's why he's playing magical, trippy and psychedelic techno sets as a member of the UNPACKBAR collective.

This set consists some of his favourite Digital Diamonds Tracks.


29th September 2017

Digital Decade - The Anniversary Compilation is out!

Digital Diamonds is proud to present 'Digital Decade', an ambitious release that celebrates the label's 10 years of activity in the underground scene and being run by Alic.

Compiled by Ben Rama, 'Digital Decade' features 10 exceptional remixes of memorable tracks from the label's extensive back catalog, expertly crafted by Digital Diamonds artists both past and present. As one of the scene's more active proponents of 'psychedelic techno', it's no surprise that this sound is well represented here. Backed up by some progressive leaning numbers that don't shy away from melodies, this  well-rounded release will appeal to fans from across the techno spectrum.s is Hackie from Mexico mixing delicius tunes for Digital Diamonds.

Download Digital Decade

2nd September 2017

#PODCAST 08 selected and mixed by Hackie

This is Hackie from Mexico mixing delicius tunes for Digital Diamonds.

Hackie has become one of the most outstanding female talents of the underground electronic scene in Mexico. She has captivated audiences showing a strong personality and identity in her live performances. Her DJ sets are a smart blend of techno and psychedelia and span from progressive techno to psytech and psygressive trance. Lately she is focused on music production, studying side by side with the mexican master producer Jossie Telch. Definitely, she is an artist to keep an eye on.

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8th July 2017

#PODCAST 07 selected and mixed by Kiki La Rochelle

Kiki La Rochelle from Tirana/Albania delivers a superb and exclusive Podcast for Digital Diamonds.

Kristi Gega also known as Kiki la Rochelle is an albanian DJane, daughter of a well known musician in her country. When working at the Albanian Academy of DJs in Tirana, she developed a deeper interest in electronic music and turntabletism. She has always been part of the underground local scene .

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15th May 2017

#PODCAST 06 selected and mixed by Anders Svenson

A smooth, melodic and trippy selection done by Anders Svenson, part of Anautic and 4/4 Pakt collective.

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22nd April 2017

#PODCAST 05 selected and mixed by Jay Eric

Outrun Resident & Techgnosis Records Label DJ. Jay Eric has been an America based psychedelic dance music curator since 1997. Originating in Arizona as a founder of Overmind Works ('01-present), he now calls Denver Colorado home. Jay Eric is widely known for his tasteful, tactful & 100% improvised arrangements navigating the vast realms of Psytech, Progressive Techno, Forest Prog/Zenon, Psychill, Space Disco & Retro/Synthwave.

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19th March 2017

#PODCAST 04 selected and mixed by Guswell

The next Podcast is made by Guswell from Portugal. Check this nice selection with a lot of Digital Diamonds tracks inside.

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12th February 2017

#PODCAST 03 selected and mixed by DJ Spiral Hand

This is Podcast number three by Spiral Hand from Switzerland.

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22nd January 2017

10 years Digital Diamonds

1 decade - 50 releases - thank you all!

16th January 2017

#PODCAST 02 selected and mixed by Echnoid from Maledives

Check out our second Podcast by Echnoid containing many fresh and classic tracks from our label.

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27th November 2016

Digital Diamonds launches #PODCAST series

Ladies and gents: Today we have launched our Digital Diamonds podcast series starting with our core label member CrennWiick!

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14th July 2016

Netlabel Day 2016

Once again Digital Diamonds is partycipating at Netlabel Day. This year we have a fresh release by Alic! Celebrate the Netlabel Day around the world with a lot of fresh released music. Check this amazing project here!

12th July 2015

Netlabel Day

Digital Diamonds is partycipating at Netlabel Day on 14th July. Check this amazing project here!

11th April 2015

HYPNOTIC TECHNO - The big Digital Diamonds labelnight!

We are very proud to present the biggest labelnight ever at Club Charlotte in Münster / Germany! This club was voted into Top 10 clubs worldwide by readers of this famous magazine. The Club Charlotte is equipped with a mindbreaking Funktion One soundsystem!

DATE: 24 May 2015 - starting at 11 p.m.
LINE UP: Alic | Trilingo | Troy Polygon | Oliver Cosimo | Heiko Wolff
Visuals: Flammentanz

More info:


11th April 2015

Crennwiick - After 90ies EP | Pre Release Party

Crennwiick - After 90ies EP is based on a very special and unique concept: It's a collaboration between great friends and excellent musicians.

In tribute to Crennwiick's grandfathers and the golden decade of electronic dance music. Tunes that touch your soul and groove your body to dance. The event will be celebrated in Lisbon and streamed all over the world.

DATE: 18 April 2015 - starting at 1 p.m.
LINE UP: CrennWiick // Code Therapy // Longalenga // Flembaz // A2P // Miguel Santana // Pedro Oliveira - Guswell

More info:


22nd November 2014

Alic - DJ Mix at Abflug - Club Charlotte / Germany

19th October 2014

New polished Newsletter

We have polished and updated our newsletter so be sure to subscribe and never miss a release in the future!

Look at former news in the archive.

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3rd April 2014

Higher EP Releaseparty, April 12th 2014 in Muenster / Germany

HIGHER is the name of the third pure labelparty by Digital Diamonds. Representing our label artists: Trilingo & Cosimo, Alic and Troy Polygon.

Right in time to the release of the Higher EP by Trilingo & Cosimo on 10th April this party is also part of the "Close Distance Tour" by Alic.

While the acts will pamper with the typical mixture of techno and psychedelic sounds, there is also a special outdoor area available on the famous Hawerkamp area in Muenster. So we hope to have a wonderful night and a beautiful morning, with a lot of sun in mind and air, together with you. Don't miss - See you there!

2nd April 2014

Great Feedback for "Close Distance"

During the last days we collected some feedback for the new album from Alic. We would like to share it here with you:

Krumelur (Zenon Records, Planet B.E.N.): "Excellent production and packed full of intricate musical ideas."

Götzlich (Beauty And The Beat, Plastik Park): "New Alic album is a heavy weight monster. Rumbling and edgy synth themes reminds of extraweltish story."

Jayant Luthra (Jitter, Wakyo Records): "I really like the album. The mastering is also very tight."

Ariel Electron (X-Dream, Nachtstrom Schallplatten): "Digital Diamonds' new album Close Distance traverses the distance of the dance-floor-delivering deep mature basslines, acid grooves, retro flavoured sequences coupled with a fresh full bodied sound. I'm digging it!"

Miroslav Bako (Excizen, Rezolut, Soundmute Recordings): "Vibrant, alive. Perfect!"

Alexander Synaptic (Founder and manager of Ektoplazm, Drumlore): "Close Distance, a simmering blend of intelligent psychedelic techno for mind and body... is an album that will satisfy discerning listeners in search of deep and moody electronic music at the interface between tasteful trance and techno."

Kino Oko (Bigwigs, Tribal Vision): "I listened to your album many times. There are tracks I really like. Overall it's a good CD. You have something distinguish in your music. I can say it's yours. It's important these days."

Nadja Lind (Klartraum, Lucidflow, Mixotic): "Rockin electro groovers here. Esp. liking the 303 flow."

Robert Hundt (Radioactive Cake, GlitchyTonic): "Acidic, old-school flavoured and driving techno at its finest."

Oscuro (TechlabBoking, Paganka Crew): "Best album of the year by now! 100% Psytech music with great industrial beats - amazing at the dancefloor!"

DJoanna (Waldfrieden Events, Season Bookings): "Refreshing crunchy acid tunes and cleanly arranged melodies, reminds inevitably on Extrawelt. A round album which stays true to its style."

Max Pollyul (Deeplimit): "Great atmosphere and idea, will play at my gigs! Big up."

21st March 2014

Alic - "Close Distance" album is now available

Today we are proud to present Alic's first album "Close Distance" on Digital Diamonds. "Close Distance" is available as free digital release and as a limited CD-Edition with three exclusive bonus tracks and full artwork!


01 Sliders
02 In The Heat Of Delight
03 Corrupted Audio*
04 Ma Soul
05 The Gentle Way Of Minddestruction (Album Remake)
06 Granulate Cristal
07 The Acid Flow
08 Jack Of All Trades
09 Ninety-Five*
10 Esperanto*
11 What Is

*CD exclusive track


22nd February 2014

Alic - Close Distance album soon on Digital Diamonds

Alic's first album "Close Distance" will be released on 21 March 2014! For previews please look here:

28th November 2013

Limited Shirt collection - During december only

Get a Digital Diamonds shirt from our special RED collection. Be fast, this edition is only available during december!

10th October 2013

Kino Oko face to face

Shuffle grooves in the 80ies, giving music for free and the Judgement Day

Your music is really hard to define. How would you describe your style to someone who is new in the electronic  scene?

Well, personally it doesn’t matter what genre my music is. It is hard to classify my music even for me as an author, and I’m familiar with electronic music scene for more than 15 years.  But if you force me to describe my style I would say that it is close to styles like techno in terms of tools I use as a composer, trance in terms of the mood I create music, funk by choosing particular instruments, old-school electronics while you look at atmosphere and background strings solutions, disco in rhythm sections, rave if you look on synth lead instruments.  Got it?

What can you tell us about the trance and techno scenes in Poland?

Nothing actually, I don’t play in Poland often. But as I observe the scene in Poland is small, it’s gravitating on techno side more but still I can’t say it’s big enough to call it a scene as most of us understand this word. It’s more like a small society; someone is doing music here, someone there, even some well-known names, some unknown. I see new faces from time to time. What is really important and makes me happy is that it’s alive. Size doesn’t matter; people are really active and original here in Poland, that’s what matters... read more

23rd July 2013

Digital Diamonds is part of "Ektoplazm's Greatest Trips"!

Tracks from Alic, Trevor McGregor aka Kalumet and Kino Oko released in the past are now featured at Ektoplazm's Greatest Trips Compilation.

Ektoplazm’s Greatest Trips features 50 tracks and more than 6 hours of some of the finest music distributed through the Ektoplazm free music portal from 2008 to 2012. Compiled by Basilisk, Ektoplazm’s founder, this retrospective project showcases the immense diversity and creative vitality of the global psychedelic trance, techno, and downtempo movements.

19th July 2013

Digital Family Vol. 4 is in reach

Part 4 of our well established compilation series "Digital Family" is in the pipeline! Alic compiled nearly a dozen of very carefully selected Techno, Trance and Psychedelic Techno tracks for you. So stay cool for a while till this baby is released.

15th June 2013

Website relaunch and new release by Crennwiick

We are happy to introduce the new Digital Diamonds Website! After very hard work we are proud to have the following new features for you:

- Complete new and fresh interface
- Direct plus ultrafast hosting of WAV-archives
- Downloadcounting
- Smooth previewing of all releases with built-in player
- Possibility to leave your comments and feedback at every release
- Fresh and beautiful shirt collection at the Fan Stuff corner
- Global search function
- Quick connection to several social networks
- Partner section
- Secure PayPal Donation

and more to find out...

We strongly recommend our new and latest release by portuguese artist Crennwiick! It's called Untitry EP and features four electrotracks with warbling basslines and creamy atmosphere. Feel free to leave your comment there.

2nd February 2013

Pictures from Digital Diamonds @ krux

All photos by Thanks!


5th January 2013

krux teaser available

3rd January 2013

Digital Diamonds at krux - Mobilat Club, Heilbronn / Germany

Seit über 5 Jahren steht DIGITAL DIAMONDS für kompromisslos-guten, kostenlosen Sound. 400.000 Downloads und eine internationale Fanbase beweisen, dass das von Acts wie MIDIMILIZ oder THE DELTA geprägte Underground-Genre Psychedelic-Techno mehr als lebendig ist. Ob Dancefloor-Techno-Bomben, treibende, progressive Beats oder emotionale, melodische Groover, die Liebe zur Musik und ihrer Seele ist bei Digital Diamonds stets spürbar und die Message klar: BOARDING NOW!

Alic (Freiburg) sind unter anderem bekannt durch ihre Releases auf Horns & Hoofs, Nachtstrom Schallplatten oder Boshke Beats. Seit 10 Jahren ist Alic Garant für superdeepe bis pulsierend, treibende Sounds, wobei dicke Basslines nie zu kurz kommen.

Troy Polygon (Hannover) sucht in seinen Sets stets den Kontrast. Von zart bis hart. Unbeeindruckt von Trends und Hypes liegt sein Fokus stets auf der Crowd und intensiver Atmosphäre im Club. Egal ob schiebender, dunkler Techno oder schöne, driftende Melodien, bei ihm fällt es schwer still zu stehen.

El Frecho aka Frechbax (Freiburg) ist das Minimal-Elektro-Alias von Sebastian Auer. Mit größtem Augenmerk auf den Spaß heizt er dem Publikum mit einer Fusion aus Techno und Psychedelic-Elementen ein.

Neben dem mitreissenden Sound wird auch optisch einiges geboten sein. Carlsson sorgt für die passende Live-Untermalung der Sounds sowie eine Video- und Diainstallation. Farbflash garantiert.

Mux (Laterne Musik/Dubwars) spielt ab 21:00 Uhr im Data den passenden Sound um bei dem kalten Winterwetter warme Füsse zu bekommen.

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